Book Review-The Sword of Truth

I never knew about the series until I couldn’t suppress the yearning to get to the root of the ‘Legend of the Seeker’ anymore, I wanted to get to know the brain and mind power behind such magnificent handiword. It was then I first came across the name Terry Goodkind and I got to know about his Sword of Truth epic fantasy from which the Legend of the Seeker was adopted. The series consists of eleven novels and one novella, the prequel. The prequel however very short it is,braces you for the mind blowing fascination you’ll be getting from the others. Each book can stand on its own, its not like each book contains a different story about the same person, its more like the continuation of the same story of the same person contained in different books.
The Series revolves about a central character, Richard Cypher(Richard Rahl) the protagonist who seeks to fight against the reign of tyranny for the greater good of the people. In Richards case, it is absolute goodness fighting again evil. Its either white or black no wandering into the grey areas. Terry Goodkind makes everything so realistic and the characters are unique. The setting, while medieval, does not feature the classical fantasy creatures like the Elves,dwarves,giants and the likes. There are dragons and a few other magical beings but everything else is new and unique like the mord-sith,dreams walker,mriswith,gars,etc. Mr. Goodkind describes his created landscape with such precision like he’s walking amongst his characters.
Terry Goodkind is not just writing to appeal to the wild imaginations of children. This is a well crafted piece of work for adults and matured minds(teenagers included). There are passages with ‘adult contents’ including explicit torture scenes described in all its intricacies but Terry Goodkind makes sure to exclude the incessant usage of profane languages even from soldiers and brutes as will be expected.
The most fascinating aspect of the Series is its philosophical undertone. The philosophy behind the Sword of Truth is that of Ayn Rand’s Objectivism. I won’t go into the details of this lest I spoil the fun you get from reading and enjoying it yourself (and see how Terry Goodkind indirectly airs his philosophical perceptions),
Trust me, this saga is a must read. Once you’ve gotten started on one book, you’ll be turning the pages of the next soon and faster than a wild fire racing through a prairie in the peak of summer.

-Charles Udo (Site admin)


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I'm Charles, I'm 19. I'm a Geology student of the University of Port Harcourt,Nigeria. I'm a free thinker, I love to read and I write also. I love creativity and the power of imagination.
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