SOCRATES (Quote-The unexamined life)

Socrates’ belief
that we must reflect
upon the life we live
was partly inspired by
the famous phrase
inscribed at the shrine
of the oracle at Delphi,
“Know thyself.” The
key to finding value in
the prophecies of the
oracle was self-
knowledge, not a
decoder ring.
Socrates felt so
passionately about the
value of self-
examination that he
closely examined not
only his own beliefs and
values but those of
others as well. More
precisely, through his
relentless questioning,
he forced people to
examine their own
beliefs. He saw the
citizens of his beloved
Athens sleepwalking
through life, living only
for money, power, and
fame, so he became
famous trying to help


About cfunpage (SIGNOR CHARLES)

I'm Charles, I'm 19. I'm a Geology student of the University of Port Harcourt,Nigeria. I'm a free thinker, I love to read and I write also. I love creativity and the power of imagination.
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