I am Charles Udo,a Nigerian. I go by the pseudonym Signor Charles. I hail from Akwa Ibom State in Nigeria. I was born in the late morning hours of monday the 10th of october 1994 at Prime Medical Consultants, Port Harcourt, Rivers state to my lovely parents
I am a student of the University of Port Harcourt in the Department of Geology. Apart from my Geological interests, I also find several other activities appealing. I generally avoid contact games apart from basketball. I play chess,scrabble,checkers and several other board games. These not withstanding,the hobby I find most intriguing is reading. I read novels,articles and anything that catches my attention-religious mysteries,philosophical ideas,mythologies,facts etcetera. The genre I love most is general fictions,mysteries and thrillers because when it comes to books,I mostly appreciate those that portray the author or writers creativity and great sense of imagination. I also write short stories and articles although I’m still developing my writing skill. I pride myself as a unique person and knowing my self worth, I am also a potential great man. I’m always predominantly occupied by my own thoughts and amongst the temperaments, I think I fall under the “melancholics”
On this blog I will be posting; articles, quotes, photos, news, bookreviews etc.,anything that interests me. Comments and contributions to the general improvement of the blog are accepted. To contact me, click on the contact page.
–Signor Charles (Admin)


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